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Viera Artesian Well, LLC

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Water well drilling

Viera Artesian Well, LLC is a third generation family owned and operated Water Well Drilling business serving New England since 1946. Viera Artesian Well, LLC has over 70 years of experience, making our company one of the oldest Water Well companies in New England. 



Current record holder in NH for largest large groundwater withdrawal (LGWP) at 750 gpm

This was a drilled bedrock well located in the southeast portion of Hampton, NH about one mile west of Hampton Beach and north of the Taylor River estuary. This well was installed on a relatively flat, non-developed forested lot.  This was a 10-inch open borehole bedrock well to 320 feet and an 8-inch open borehole from 320 feet to the bottom of the hole at 560 feet and included 67 feet of steel casing.  



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What is a water well?

Water Wells, also commonly known as rock wells, artesian wells, or bedrock wells are a great source of water throughout New England. There are two main sources of water available today; wells or public water supply. When you own a well you are in control of your water use. Viera Artesian Well, LLC drills 6", 7" and 8" and larger diameter air/mud rotary drilled wells. 

What is a Geothermal Well?

With an increasing focus on renewable energy, Ground Source Heat Pumps are great solutions to relieve our customers from the burden of purchasing oil, natural gas, or propane. Geothermal Well Systems utilize the earth's energy and relatively constant temperature to provide not only heat and cooling, but a direct source of comfort for residential and commercial use. Ask us about it today!